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Today web Application development is an essential necessity of every organization. There are lots of technologies readily available for development. It becomes really perplexing to select right technology, that will serve your needs. Basically, web design is split into four parts which are Server Side Scripting, Database, Frontend and Server. In this article, I will scrutinize web base technology that will help you in selecting the best combination based on your need.

projektowanie aplikacji mobilnych

Server Side Scripting is a programming language for processing data based on your company logic. It operates on backend.

1) PHP - It's an open source language and widely used for development. It's easily integrated with other technologies. Its best benefit can there be are many open sources can be found, which reduce your development cost greatly.

2) ASP dot Net - It's Microsoft's product and require license. The customer who not have money constrains use asp. You can rely on the MS quality support.

3) Java - It's an open source programming language. It's mostly employed for enterprises level application development.

Database is how all the data get stored. These data are used by both frontend and backend.

1) MySQL - It is open source database software well suited for web base application. PHP - MYSQL is a best combination of programming language and database.

2) Oracle - It is considered as the very best database. It's mostly utilized in enterprise database integration.

3) Microsoft SQL - It is database software from Microsoft.

Following tools have been in trend for developing frontend or User Interface.

1) Photoshop - It is best photo editing software. You are able to create your website based on your imagination.

2) HTML - It is a basic programming language used for website development.

3) CSS - It's for maintaining the consistent design throughout the website.

4) Dreamweaver - It is a website designing tools.

5) JavaScript - It is scripting language use to create your website look very live and interactive.

6) Ajax - Its means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a client side scripting language retrieve data from the remote server asynchronously. It's processing works on the background without disturbing the display and behavior from the existing page.

7) Flash - Flash is a tool use for the making animation effects in the website.

To select right type of web hosting service which suites your need. This is actually the place where all of your application runs. Before selecting Webhosting Company collect details about their professional services and user review feedback.

1) Shared web hosting - It is best suited to promising small to the medium level website at low price. Within this you receive control only to your website. You can't make changes in setting of server. Resources of server are shared by many websites also.

2) Virtual Dedicated Server - In VDS you get full control over shared part of server setting. It is good for medium to high level web application.

3) Dedicated Server - Webhost gives you a web server machine in their data center. It is good for top level and demanding web application.

4) Personnel server - In this Server you need to maintain each and everything yourself. It requires heavy investment.

Based on my view point PHP and MySQL based technology is best of normal web application. Java and oracle based web development is equipped for enterprises level application. Choose the type of server according to your level of requirements.

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