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Everyday I select the local dailies and go straight to the classifieds just to check on some of the available services I would need instantly. It had been very handy after i was looking for a house to move into, an inexpensive lawyer to help me register a business, help a cousin select a car, etc. I can go on and on.

What is striking is that for some time, I did not observe how I would make use of this section of the dailies due to the following limitations:

free ads

1. It doesn't allow photos, and if it will it might be not big enough.

2. It doesn't provide many details and would not be suitable for marketing.

3. It is encompassed by a lot of other ads and wouldn't be spotted easily.

4. It provides no space to show a few of the valuable benefits for the services or products.

5. You have no place to place testimonials. These limitations kept me away from by using this section. When I learnt of the advantages from the friend, I wondered why I had been so stupid to bar my thoughts. It was not a poor option after all, since:

6. They're inexpensive. This was a advantage I'd trouble understanding. Payment is based on the amount of words or lines the ad copy has. This only implies that you simply put the thing you need and you may run a number of words.

7. The cheap nature assists you to reach prospects on a daily basis without stressing on you account.

8. I learned that in a growing economy like Kenya, about 2 million readers visit the classified section on a daily basis. Even 1% of the population as clientele in a month would be sufficient to run a business. Am certain that bigger economies have bigger audiences.

9. Instead of testing an ad on a big copy and spend hundreds of dollars on it, using the classified, you can operate a series of tests to see which aspect of you products could be good for advertising. This could improve your advertising efficiency.

10. If you wish to know which title would work perfect for your product or service, the classified is the way to go. Ted Nicholas brainstormed on new book titles and narrowed his suggestions to few titles. He would then operate a classified ad and the one that pulled most response always won his heart and gave him success.

11. Ted Nicholas' way can be used in testing new concepts in any field. When you narrow down to a few options, the marketplace can help you be aware of winner. Follow Ted's steps and you will be safe.

12. It is ideal for generating leads. When putting your ad, prompt your reader to contact you via e-mail, phone, etc. Once they do this follow-up having a sales call.

13. An important feature about classifieds and target population is that it can be used locally, regionally or internationally. It is one tool that makes a small company be competitive on a small budget.

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